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ISHavana Transportation Services

The International School of Havana (ISH) offers transportation services exclusively for ISH students. Requests are considered on a first to come, first serve basis, and taking into account the seats availability.

Service Details

Annual transportation fee (round trip) is 1000.00 USD. You can also choose one way (mornings or afternoons) with a cost of USD $600 for the complete academic year.
Bus transportation will only commence once payment is received.
Request the service
Contact the Admissions Coordinator ( to request the service, attaching the following Transport Contract

Our drivers count with more than 15 years of experience. A highly qualified, child protection certified, supervisor is in charge of the students, always reachable by mobile all the trip long.

Routes covered:

Buses depart from ISH Campuses at 3:35pm, and on Wednesdays at 2:35pm. An additional route departs from ISH Campuses at 4:40pm to Club Havana.

Transportation from Calle 18 and Calle 22 Campuses to extra-curricular activities, as well as for educational field trips organized by classrooms, have no charge.

Bus Routes

There are 3 routes available as follows:
Route 1: Playa
School - 32 street - 7th avenue- 41st avenue -13 street, 19th ave and 56 street - 19th avenue and 78 street- 7th B avenue and 86 street - 5th avenue and 88, 5th A avenue - 82, 19th avenue - 212 street Siboney, Cimex -5th Avenue and 13 street – School

Route 2: Club Habana
School - 5th Avenue - Club Habana, 5th avenue & 96 street, 110 street- 3rd avenue -3rd Avenue A and 46 street, 42 street and 3rd avenue, 5th avenue - School

Route 3: Nuevo Vedado- Vedado
School-20 street-7th ave-18 street- Bosque Avenue- Puente Almendares-26 Ave- 45 street (Cine Acapulco), 26 Ave-17St and N, Vedado, 25 street- Linea-School

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An additional bus route offers now transportation after extra-curricular activities from ISH to Club Havana (Departing from school at 4:40pm).
Please contact for details.