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ISHavana Transportation Services

The International School of Havana (ISH) offers transportation services exclusively for ISH students. Requests are considered on a first to come, first serve basis, and taking into account the seats availability.

Service Details

Annual transportation fee (round trip) is USD $1200.00. You can also choose one way (mornings or afternoons) with a cost of USD $700 for the complete academic year.
Bus transportation will only commence once payment is received.
Request the service
Contact the Admissions Coordinator ( to request the service, attaching the following Transport Contract

Our drivers count with more than 15 years of experience. A highly qualified, child protection certified, supervisor is in charge of the students, always reachable by mobile all the trip long.

Routes covered:

Buses depart from ISH Campuses at 3:35pm, and on Wednesdays at 2:35pm. An additional route departs from ISH Campuses at 4:40pm to Club Havana.

Transportation from Calle 18 and Calle 22 Campuses to extra-curricular activities, as well as for educational field trips organized by classrooms, have no charge.

Bus Routes

There are 3 routes available as follows:
Route 1: Playa
School - 32 street - 7th avenue- 41st avenue -13 street, 19th ave and 56 street - 19th avenue and 78 street- 7th B avenue and 86 street - 5th avenue and 88, 5th A avenue - 82, 19th avenue - 212 street Siboney, Cimex -5th Avenue and 13 street – School

Route 2: Club Habana
School - 5th Avenue - Club Habana, 5th avenue & 96 street, 110 street- 3rd avenue -3rd Avenue A and 46 street, 42 street and 3rd avenue, 5th avenue - School

Route 3: Nuevo Vedado- Vedado
School-20 street-7th ave-18 street- Bosque Avenue- Puente Almendares-26 Ave- 45 street (Cine Acapulco), 26 Ave-17St and N, Vedado, 25 street- Linea-School

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An additional bus route offers now transportation after extra-curricular activities from ISH to Club Havana (Departing from school at 4:40pm).
Please contact for details.