Primary School — Pre-K and Kindergarten 1


Angela L. Speirs — Primary School Principal
Angela L. Speirs — Primary School Principal

Thank you for visiting our website. It is with great pleasure that I welcome you to the Primary School of the International School Havana.

ISH is the only school in Havana offering the International Primary Curriculum (IPC). The IPC is an educational framework for children aged 5 - 11 years old. The IPC is a curriculum used by over 1000 schools in over 90 countries worldwide. We utilise the IPC as an integrated inquiry-based programme teaching through themed Units of Study based on the standards of the National Curriculum of England.

The IPC not only focuses on the growth of subject knowledge but is designed to educate the whole child and that is why it was chosen to align with our school mission, “learning to make a difference”. Our aim at ISH is to nurture the characteristics and attitudes necessary to develop internationally minded learners who will learn to contribute compassionately to the world.

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In our Pre-K and Kindergarten 1 department, the students learn through engagements that are specially designed to support the needs of very young children. The programme is play and inquiry-based and students learn in our well-equipped, inspiring outside environment as well as indoors.

The academic programme is based on the six main areas of learning: Personal, Social and Emotional Development; Language, Communication and Literacy; Numeracy; Physical Development; Creative Development (Art and Music); and Knowledge and Understanding of the World taken from the Pre-Kinder Foundation Stage framework from the United Kingdom.

The different areas of learning are taught through specific units from the International Primary Curriculum (IPC).

As we know, for a building to withstand the test of time it needs a strong foundation. The same is true of our children’s education. That is why in the Primary School at ISH we provide the educational experiences necessary to develop the learning characteristics that will not only support our children throughout their years at school but for the rest of their lives.

At ISH, we recognize parents as the first and foremost educators and we actively encourage a partnership between home and school to further supplement our ongoing assessment of each child and to support the programme in general.

Whether you are viewing our website as a student, parent or educator, we look forward to welcoming you one day to our nurturing, family-oriented school.

Yours in education,

Angela L. Speirs
Primary School Principal


In our Pre-Kinder Programme, we have used the Early Learning Goals of the National Curriculum for England, as well as the IPC, to ensure our youngest learners are ready for Primary school. There is a focus on using play to learn.