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We all need a safe place for our children to learn, grow and be ready for the challenges that life brings. We offer our hand to guide your child and you through their learning journey. ISHavana will give your child the resources to build a better future for themselves and the world.

Cinthya Cabrera

Thank you for your interest in the International School of Havana, the only English, Cambridge and IB international school located in Havana, proudly serving the foreign diplomatic community and expat families residing in Cuba.

It is a privilege to assist you in the ISH enrolment process and to welcome you to our community! Follow the steps below to start the application and schedule a visit, by sending an email to, to see our wonderful community in action.


Prospective families are encouraged to schedule a school visit by contacting the Admissions Office. Most students are admitted at the beginning of the school year. However, due to the ebb and flow of the community, ISH has a rolling admission where we admit students all year round provided they meet all the criteria for admission and there is available class space. We recommend beginning the application process in February for the following August, or at least three months before joining during the school year.

Follow the steps to learn more about our application process

First Contact
Before submitting any application documents, we urge all families to contact us with their questions about the school. The admissions coordinator is available by phone or email, or we can schedule a campus visit. This will allow you to learn more about the school, and allows us to get to know each family individually. Do not hesitate to:
- Email us at
- Call us on + 53 7 214 0773 or +53 7 214 0776
- Book a visit
2) Application Submission
Parents can download the application packs for the current year 2022/2023 from our website, and return the PDFs. Each application will be reviewed by the Admissions Committee, and we’ll come back to you if anything is missing, or if we have any questions. All documents may be returned to us by email; we do not need the originals. The application fee should be paid to start the process of admissions.

Submit Required Documents
Each section (pre-school, primary, middle school, and high school), has its own set of required application documents. For all applicants, we require the application form (by email, or hand it at the Admissions coordinator office at ISH).
3) Admissions Committee
Once a complete application has been received by the school, each application is submitted to our admissions committee and reviewed by the principal of the corresponding section and the head of school. You can expect a response from the school within 7 - 10 days of submitting your child’s completed application.
4) Acceptance and Enrolment
Applicants accepted for admission will receive an invoice following the acceptance letter. Upon notification of acceptance, parents are requested to confirm their intention to enroll their children at ISH. We will require a signed enrollment and financial contract, and the payment of the school fees. If payment is not made by the date specified in the invoice, the applicant’s place will be forfeited and may be given to another applicant. No student will be allowed to attend class until his or her tuition have been paid.
5) Starting School
For families beginning with us in August many things are communicated to you over the summer. The invoices for the school year will be sent in the second week of June. The school will contact all families in early August to give you all necessary information for the school year: school rules, uniform policy, school supplies lists, calendars etc. It’s also at this time that you can sign your child up for any additional services like, bus, or after-school activities.
At the end of August, we will have an orientation day for all new families. This is a wonderful time to meet other new members of the community, finalize any paperwork, ask any last questions, and tour the school with the kids. All primary, middle school and high school students will sit their placement tests on that month.
For families joining us in the course of the year, all of the above information will be communicated once your start date has been confirmed with us. Each family is then welcomed individually on their first day.


Application Form 2022-2023
Application Form 2023-2024
Health Form
Medical Card 2023-2024
Copy of vaccination record
School Records for the last 3 years
This will typically include transcripts and report cards.
Learning Support Documentation (if applicable)
If your child is receiving any kind of learning support inside or outside of school, please provide us with as much detail as possible. This might include an Individual Education Plan, an educational psychologist’s report, an additional report card from the learning resource professional working with your child, or specialist testing results.
Copies of parents’ and child’s passports
Passport information page only
Teacher Recommendation Forms
Please download the relevant teacher recommendation forms for the grade you are applying to enter and give them to your child’s current teacher. The teacher should then complete them and return them directly to us

Pre-Kindergarten / Kindergarten Teacher Recommendation
Grades 1-5 Teacher Recommendation
Grades 6-10 Counselor Recommendation
Grades 6-10 English Teacher Recommendation
Grades 6-10 Mathematics Teacher Recommendation
Grades 11-12 Teacher Recommendation
Please note that
• for Grades 6-10 we require all three forms.
• all documents should be translated in English

The maximum number of students in each class is as follows:
Pre Kinder – 22 students
Kindergarten – up to 20 students
Grades 1-5 – up to 25 students
Grades 6-8 – up to 22 students
Grades 9-10 - up to 22 students
Grades 11-12 – up to 23 students

The school may increase the number of students in each class under special circumstances with approval from the Division Principal and Director.

Year level placement is determined by an applicant’s age as of 31st August in the academic year of entry (see the “Guide to the Curriculum & ISH Year” below). Applicants come from many different countries with varying school calendars and enrolment age practices. Our 31st August cut-off date and year level placement policy reflects what we believe to be the most appropriate alignment for academic and social readiness. An exception to this policy would require the approval of the Division Principal and Director and would only be made when all the evidence suggests it is in the child’s best interest to be enrolled in a year other than what his/her age suggests.

Guide to the Curriculum & ISH Year
*PK- Pre Kinder

Please note: Children who enroll from schools with an academic calendar different from August to June (for example: January to November, February to December) must extend one semester of the grade that they are in or have just recently completed.

Candidates whose first language is not English may be subject to an additional entrance assessment for EAL. The purpose of the assessment is to further explore whether the candidate can access the English-based curriculum and the level of support needed fits within the level of staff support available.
Students who require additional English language assistance to access the curriculum successfully are provided with EAL support.
Our EAL specialists will work in collaboration with Homeroom and Subject teachers to contribute to the students' full integration in the social and academic school life. Students who are not native English speakers, but who are fluent in English and also have age appropriate literacy skills in English, are not classified by ISH as EAL learners. To ensure a balanced and diverse student body, ISH reserves the right to limit:
a) the enrolment of EAL students per class and year group.
b) the enrolment of EAL students who share a mother tongue. The ISH will only admit those students for whom it can make adequate provision of support.

Candidates with Additional Educational Needs are accepted at ISH on a case-by-case basis. The needs of the child are considered alongside current levels of staffing, expertise and resources within the school.
We offer support that is tailored to fit the individual student, but in general ranges from individual learning plans plans to supporting the curriculum in the classroom. We may withdraw students individually, withdraw them in groups or support them in class, depending on the most appropriate method for each student. Sometimes a student’s progress is just monitored and reviewed at a later date. The Learning Support Department works with class teachers in adapting aspects of the curriculum for individual student’s needs. We are also able to provide detailed information and teaching strategies for specific conditions.
Additional adult support or specialist resources may be necessary for the school to make adequate educational provision for a student. The additional cost for this will be met by the parents. The ISH will only admit those students who can be adequately supported, and generally this means supporting those with mild, as opposed to moderate or severe needs.

School Uniform
All students and toddler children are required to wear the school uniform for Physical Education (PE). PE uniforms can be purchased at school (calle 22 campus) at the cost of 30.00 USD (short/t-shirt) or 15.00 USD each piece.

School Lunch
The school lunch programme provides students with a choice to either bring a lunch from home or choose to pay for the lunch provided by the School's caterers. A selection of different balanced set menus is available and will be served to students attending school (Pre kinder upwards to Grade 12).
All students will be on an ID/lunch Card system and will be charged as and when they have a school meal/snack. The ID/lunch card can be topped up periodically to cover the costs of lunches or snacks purchased (prices vary). Email updates on your balance will be provided each week that you make purchases.

School Trip Fees
Fees for compulsory school trips are not covered by tuition. Optional school trip expenses will be borne by the parents.

Public Examination Fees
Examination fees for the IGCSE and IB programmes are not included in tuition fees and will be charged separately.