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ISH Board of Directors

The ISH Board of Directors is a dedicated group of volunteers who serve the governance needs of the school. The Board of Directors is self-perpetuating and is the highest authority of the school. Members serve renewable one-year terms.

The membership of the Board of Directors is representative of both the diplomatic and non-diplomatic members of the international community living in Havana.

The full Board meets four times a year as do the two standing committees: Operations and Finance. The Evaluations and Appointments (E&A) Committee meets three times per year.

Members of the Board 2020-21

Board Chair
H.E. Mr. Mauricio Hurtado (Chilean Ambassador, Parent and Vice Chair of E&A Committee)

Vice Chair
Ms. Jessica Macor (Parent and Chair of E&A Committee)

Operations Committee Chair
Mr. Graeme Bradley (Parent and South African Embassy Representative)

Operations Committee Vice Chair
Ms. Jessica Monge (Parent)

Finance Committee Chair
Mr. Andrea Gallina (Parent)

Finance Committee Vice Chair
H.E. Mr. Antonio Alves (Parent and Brazilian Ambassador)

H.E. Mr. Perry Calderwood (Canadian Ambassador)
H.E. Lancelot Cowie (Trinidadian and Tobagonian Ambassador)
Mr. Bastiaan Engelhard (Parent and Dutch Embassy Representative)
Mr. Jose Ramon Vazquez (Parent)
Mr. Greg Biniowsky (Parent)
Ms. Malena Dona (Parent)
Mr. Randy Neen (Director and Ex-officio Member)

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2020 AGM Admissions Policy