ISH Community

Parent Teacher Student Association (PTSA)

We would like to extend a warm welcome to the ISH Community from the PTSA (Parents, Teachers & Students Association)

The PTSA mission statement:

“We connect, we communicate, we contribute.”

The PTSA is an association of all parents or caregivers, students and teachers whose mission is to create an inclusive well-informed community in which all families are welcome and encouraged to participate.

We are a group of parents, teachers and one student representative from ISH who meet on a regular basis to organise events to bring the school community together.

We connect.
We communicate.
We contribute.

ISH Community Principles

The PTSA is committed to key ISH community principles:

Role of PTSA at ISH
PTSA Initiatives

The PTSA is proud to announce their new funding project “One World, Many Stories”. Over the next 5 years the PTSA will be investing, each year, $1500 in the school library. Already the PTSA is working with Ms Jasmine, the school librarian, to purchase all the most recent best sellers and a wide selection of great books that make up a school library. Over the next few months we will keep you updated with the purchasing and then the arrival of all this great reading material!

Supporting ISH

If you want to contribute to create a caring and successful community, please get involved! You can come and contribute to school life by:

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