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Parent Teacher Student Association (PTSA)

PTSA Welcome Letter

The PTSA mission statement:

We connect, we communicate, we contribute.

The PTSA is an association of all parents, students and teachers whose mission is to create an inclusive well-informed community in which all families are welcome and encouraged to participate. This Association is managed by the PTSA Executive Committee.

PTSA Events 2019-2020
The PTSA Executive Committee, with the support of teachers, parents and student volunteers, have organised some great events this academic year September 2019 and January 2020: Welcome Coffee for new parents

One of our tasks is helping to easily integrate new families to the ISH community and to assist in the challenges they will face their new lives in Havana and in Cuba. To that end, the PTSA has run coffee mornings for new families, in September 2019 and in January 2020.

November 2019: International Food Fair With over 35 tables of dishes from throughout the world and a great live band, the evening was a wonderful social night for the whole ISH Community.
In February 2020, we had our first PTSA training which included homeroom parents, student council representatives, teachers and leadership. This was a hugely successful event, getting all PTSA groups to work together in a more unified way.

Also in February 2020, the PTSA hosted a movie night featuring 3 different movies which kids of all ages could enjoy. We sold hotdogs, hamburgers, drinks and snacks. All proceeds went to the Student Leadership Initiative Programme.

Students from both the Primary and Secondary school were involved in our projects and events, making them a more integral part of the PTSA.

The plans of the PTSA have been substantially curtailed this year, firstly by a fuel shortage in October 2019 and more recently by the Covid-19 pandemic. We look forward to resuming our full calendar of events in 2020-21.

We connect.
We communicate.
We contribute.

ISH Community Principles

The PTSA is committed to key ISH community principles:

Role of PTSA at ISH
PTSA Initiatives

The PTSA is proud to announce their new funding project “One World, Many Stories”. Over the next 5 years the PTSA will be investing, each year, $1500 in the school library. Already the PTSA is working with Ms Jasmine, the school librarian, to purchase all the most recent best sellers and a wide selection of great books that make up a school library. Over the next few months we will keep you updated with the purchasing and then the arrival of all this great reading material!

Supporting ISH

If you want to contribute to create a caring and successful community, please get involved! You can come and contribute to school life by:

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