Co-Curricular Activities Program

List of Activities

The Co-Curricular Activities Program enhance school spirit by giving students and staff opportunities to interact across grade boundaries and to make new connections in the community and out of it.

This programme forms a big part of students’ lives, enriching their experiences and giving them opportunities to try new disciplines and finding their passions.

Participation in the program is entirely voluntary, students are ungraded and do not offer any form of academic credit, but they do help students make connections and find practical applications to what they have learned in class. Students and parents are provided a Progress Report on attendance, effort and application and achievement at mid-term and at the end of the school year.

The range of our co-curricular programme offerings is planned to be extensive, with age-appropriate choices to spark minds, bodies, and imaginations. Programs will be led by our faculty and leading outside professionals. Students will have fun, learn, and cultivate their unique spark of genius.

Most of the co-curricular activities offered run for an hour after school, although we also have activities running at lunch time such as Musical bands, Model United Nations and internal sport leagues. Sports teams practice for around two hours three times a week. Transportation for all activities off campus is provided at no cost. There are usually no additional fees for after school activities unless specified. The program is divided into two sessions, Session I, starting early September until late January. Session II, starting late January until June. Registration takes time twice a year, this occurs at the beginning of each session.

We normally use horizontal grouping, however, we foster vertical grouping where appropriate, to allow students to engage across age groups and abilities. We do this to create a sense of community, respect for diversity and challenge.



Spanish for Fun, Poetry Club, Italian Lessons, French Club, Somos Lectores, Nursery Rhymes, French Club, Portuguese, Dutch, English Literature Club


Painting, Ceramics, Art and Craft, Art of Making Collage, Do It Yourself, Go, Personal Defense, Drama, Improluchas Photography, Puppet making


Students Council, Model United Nations, Community Service, Debate Club, Mediation and Group Support, Community and Social Service Project, Debate Club, Public Speaking, Leadership Club, Journalism and Communication Club


3D Design and Printing, Basic Robotics, Learning with Computers, Model Maker Coding Club, Comic Book Making, Math Club Science Club


Ballet, Choir, Spanish Dance, Cuban and International Dance, Canto Flamenco, Zumba, Fun Learning Music, Percussion Instrument, Singing, Guitar, Music and Singing, Band, Baton Twirling


Taekwondo, Soccer, Tennis, Table Tennis, Volleyball, Basketball, Swimming, Chess, Athletics, Hockey, Lunch Time Soccer League, Multi-Sports, Yoga, Physical Conditioning, Aerobics

Activities on offer reflect our school’s mission and curriculum in that we wish to light our students’ interests. Some of the activities we offer they may not have been tried before or do not have the opportunity to outside of school, yet they may show a natural aptitude for them.

We regularly seek feedback from students and families to ensure needs are being met and to assess the demand for new options or adjustments to the existing ones. This is particularly important in supporting our mission.

Students may be asked to pay additional fees for optional activities which they can choose to join or for voluntary travel related to activities such as sporting teams and international exchanges.
The International School of Havana approach to co-curricular activities is one that builds on activities and learning covered in the school’s curriculum and that also relates to the student’s personal interests and enthusiasms.