ISHavana Makerspace is the ideal place for our students to live our school’s mission by learning to make a difference through design and creation.

Our learners can activate and integrate their learning with technology, innovation and real-life experiences while pursuing their own passions and interests.

Our ISHavana Makerspace is....
The place where curiosity ignites creativity
The perfect venue to engage in problem-solving through exploration.

The ideal spot for creativity to flourish through collaborative work.

An environment where ideas are shared freely while working towards a common goal.

Where learning shapes innovation and creativity to its utmost. A home to reflective, constructive discussions where mistakes are but stepping stones along the path to success.

The ideal context for inquiry and self-directedness to guide students’ learning development through hands-on experiences. A home for individual and group successes to be heightened and celebrated.

Where there is no age limit to live our school’s vision in order to make a difference in the world.