Student Support

All students can learn
and have the right to do so

The aim of the Student Support Department is to provide students with different academic and linguistic needs the appropriate support so they should be able to progress at their own pace and to their fullest extent, both intellectually and socially, without disregarding the emotional aspect of learning.

We believe that academic and linguistic needs should be identified as early as possible in order to ensure a suitable and practical provision during the child’s permanence at school. The Student Support Department’s goal is to guarantee that provision is in place for every student in need.

Student Support Department Governing Principles

• Each student is able to and should reach his/her full potential at their own pace.
• Each individual is valued for what he/she can draw from and contribute to the context of the classroom and the whole school.
• All students have individual needs. Many different needs can be met within the normal classroom environment but the needs of some children cannot be met without additional support.
• Support is offered as an integral part of the school provision.
• Differentiated instruction and curriculum is central to school provision in order to allow as many individual needs as possible to be met.
• Motivation, self-confidence and self-esteem are essential elements in learning and therefore promoted in order to maximize learning for students with special needs.
• A positive attitude to work, high standards of behavior and a caring environment that fosters respect for others are the principles upon which we build the learning environment that allows all students to achieve their full potential.
• The success of our work relies upon the partnership established with parents or guardians on the basis of continuous safekeeping and respect of student confidentiality.

Areas of Student Support

• Students that may require to learn English as an additional language: the English as an Additional Language Programme.
• Students with learning difficulties: the Learning Support Programme.