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International Food Fair

Do not miss it! On Friday November 18, our always delicious Food Fair. Read more

First Stone Ceremony

Our new Senior campus on the corner of Calle 22 and Avenida 3a has already begun to take shape! Read more

A school with a 50 years history

Our school celebrated its 50th anniversary the previous year. Read the history behind. Read more

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Providing high quality international education over 50 years.


International School of Havana

We are an extraordinary school.

The school is fully accredited by the Council of International Schools (C.I.S.) and N.E.A.S.C. (New England Association of Schools and Colleges).

Life at the school offers a unique perspective and insight into island life, and particularly the fascinating city of Havana.


The School, due to space constraints, has had to take measures to prioritise the acceptance of applications for student enrollment. 

Please be aware that the school was founded to serve the diplomatic community in Havana and that is the understanding that overrides all others in the school's interaction with our host country government. Consequently places are offered with members of the diplomatic community being given the highest priority; all other applications can only be considered after that priority has been met. 

If you wish to make an application for placement in the Waiting Pool for the current academic year 2016-2017, or the next one 2017-2018, based on the above information, please complete the required paperwork and submit to the Registrar. 

We will be happy to include new families in the Waiting Pool, and will certainly let you know of any further developments as and when they arise. 

We apologize for any inconvenience that this may cause.

If you need further information please contact the Registrar Office.

The Future New Senior Campus

Senior Campus

Senior Campus

Contracts were signed last May by the school with Inmobiliaria PALCO for a five building premises located on a single campus with two access points: one on 3rd Avenue (between 20 and 22) and the other on Calle 22 (between 3rd and 1st) here in Miramar. The new buildings will eventually allow us to expand the school, and will be the Senior Campus. Of course, the buildings are in need of considerable renovation, and so will probably not be ready for use until the start of school year 2017-2018.