ISH Diploma

ISH Diploma

All students whose enrolment is accepted by the school in Grade 11 and Grade 12 automatically enter the ISH Diploma Programme. Students not enrolled in IB courses undertake studies offered within our internal programme. These run parallel to subjects in the IBDP and are based on Modified IB Standard level courses. The assessment for ISH courses is different in two important ways:

1. all assessment is internal and based on our expectations derived from modified external standards.

2. despite being a 2 year programme, assessments including examinations only cover learning undertaken during the reporting period in question.

Students in ISH courses also do not undertake Higher level studies in any of their subjects. Students do however under take Additional Studies in 3 subjects that aim to either enrich a subject in which they have an interest OR to offer additional support in subjects that they find challenging.

All students must follow the additional course of Physical Education offered for the ISH Diploma in Grades 11 and 12 in addition to those in Groups 1 to 6 below.

Students must select two language subjects: either 2 different languages in G1 or 1 from Groups 1 and 2 combined. They also need to select one subject from each Group 3 to Group 6 below. For students undertaking the full IBDP, three of the subjects need to be at Higher Level, HL, and three as Standard Level, SL.


>> English is available at Language A and B, HL, SL and ISH.

>> Spanish and French are available at language A and B, HL, SL and ISH , and Language Ab initio SL and ISH, if enough uptake is guaranteed.

>> Biology, Physics, Chemistry, Economics, Business Management, History, Psychology and Visual Arts are available at HL, SL and ISH.

>> Mathematics is available at various levels for both IB and ISH students.

>> All subjects except for Spanish and French are taught through the medium of the English language.

Note that in addition it may be possible for students to elect to enter IBDP examinations as self-taught candidates in, for example, their mother tongue