The HAT Programme

At ISH we attempt to ensure that, as far as is possible, all children make the greatest progress in developing their academic skills, abilities and other talents.

We believe that any special needs, abilities or talents should be identified as early as possible, and provision for them developed, as far as is practicable, during the child’s stay at the school.

The Student Support Department’s aim is to ensure that provision is in place for every student in the school that needs it.

The Highly Able and Talented Programme

The Highly Able and Talented Programme is aimed for students who exhibit or have the potential to exhibit special abilities or exceptionally high levels of achievement in the academic or non-academic areas in relation to their intellectual capacities, creativity, leadership, and/or performance in visual arts or kinesthetic areas.

Students are screened and identified by the Learning Support Department in coordination with their teachers and the Heads of section. A Consultation Feedback is provided by the H.A.T. coordinator which involves a Student plan intended to steer learning in those areas where it is most needed, while maximizing student potentials. The Consultation feedback is discussed with the parents to explain how the programme is implemented and the parental support needed for its success.

Students in the H.A.T. programme may receive pullout provision, in-class differentiation or other types of enrichment in accordance with their individual needs. These accommodations in the curriculum may involve the addition/removal or modification of outcomes in the subject(s) involved. At the end of each reporting period, the Report Cards will evidence the areas where pupils have enriched their learning, either by the addition and/or substitution of the original outcomes in the curriculum, or the inclusion of an extra page with individualized outcomes for those who received pullout provision.