Admission Process

Admission Process

The first step is to submit the Application Form and required documentation. A non refundable Application Fee of 100USD is required.

Decisions are made provided that there are spaces available at the appropriate grade level, all documentary requirements for admissions are met and the School´s ability to meet the student’s needs.

Decisions are notified to parents via email and they will receive an admission package which includes several documents to be completed.

Accompanying the admission package is a detailed invoice of tuition and fees. The Enrolment Fee is non-refundable and is required once the applicant is accepted in order to secure a space.

All students from Kindergarten and above take an English and Math placement test. The purpose of this test is to provide the school with information about the educational background of the student. Secondary students should also sit a Science test.

An appointment with the relevant Principal is also scheduled as part of the admission process.


Admission Forms

If you are considering registering your child in the school, please, download and complete the form below and return them to us prior to arrival.

Re-Enrolment Files (English)

Re-Enrolment Files (Spanish)