Admission at ISH

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Our academic school year runs from the end of August through June and students are admitted throughout the year.

The ISH admits students from the diplomatic or expatriate non-diplomatic community residing temporarily in Cuba. All students who hold a valid foreign (non-Cuban) passport are eligible for admission.

The ISH places students in the grade level according to their appropriate age, please check the below table for more details.

Lower School Secondary School
Grade Age by 1st day of school
Early Years 2 1/2 years 
Kindergarten 1 4 years 
Kindergarten 2 5 years 
Grade 1  6 years
Grade 2  7 years
Grade 3  8 years
Grade 4  9 years
Grade 5  10 years
Grade Age by 1st day of school
Grade 6 11 years
Grade 7 12 years
Grade 8 13 years
Grade 9 14 years
Grade 10 15 years
Grade 11 16 years


In order to process a new student application, the following documentation must be presented at the moment of registration: 

• Completed Application Form;

• Photocopy of a valid non-Cuban passport in the student´s name;

• Photocopy of a valid non-Cuban passport in the name of one or both parents;

•Transcript or other appropriate academic record/report from the student´s previous school (except for students applying to Early Years and/or Kindergarten). Students applying to Grade 4 or above should submit a minimum of 2 years of records;

• Any and all previous special education evaluations of the student;