Early Years

General Information

The Early Years is comprised of two year groups: Early Years and Kinder 1.

The academic programme is based on the six main areas of learning: Personal, Social and Emotional Development; Language, Communication and Literacy; Numeracy; Physical Development; Creative Development (Art and Music) and Knowledge and Understanding of the World.

The different areas of learning are taught through specific units from the International Primary Curriculum (IPC), in all Grades.

The Academic programme for the above areas of learning has been designed specifically to sequentially build the foundation for successful learning in the next and subsequent stages. It is based on an international standard curriculum with general objectives for the whole programme and specific objectives for each year group outlined below.

The EY children follow the whole school P.E. programme and are given swimming lessons off campus. They are also offered extra curricular activities and are taken on theme-based field trips.

The programme has been structured around fundamental shared beliefs about what we at the ISH want the students to learn, the ways in which students learn best, the way teachers should teach to maximise student learning and the ways in which student learning will be assessed. The individual pace at which each student learns is respected through differentiation.

Admission Criteria

A child should be a minimum of two and a half years old, independent in using the bathroom, be able to communicate in his/her home language and be ready to socialize with his/her peers to enter the Early Years Programme. 

A recorded observation is carried out so as to verify the child’s readiness for school in terms of social skills, language production, maturity and independence skills. 

The prospective parents may then be invited to a personal interview before admission to the Early Years Programme.

The purpose of interview held between the parents, EYP teachers and/or Head of Section is to confirm the child’s readiness for school and to gather general information about the child; the languages the child is exposed to, previous day care experience, health, family situation, etc. The adaptation procedure is also explained, as is the programme itself. Any special circumstances or requests should be mentioned to the Early Years staff during this interview.

The entry of new students may be staggered so as to ensure its success. Students generally start with a reduced timetable in order to allow smooth transition. The EYP teachers will communicate with parents when individuals are ready for a longer, or full, day at the Early Years Learning Centre. In addition to the general admission criteria, the following age requirements will normally be used to inform our placement of students applying for admission.

Early Years students will normally be admitted and placed in Early Years or Kinder 1 according to their age and readiness for school, bearing in mind the entry requirement for Kindergarten .

students should be aged, in the calendar year of proposed admission:

›  Early Years students must be 2 years 6 months before they begin their first day

›  Kinder 1 students must be 4 years old before the 1st September