Student Support

At ISH we attempt to ensure that, as far as is possible, all children make the greatest progress in developing their academic skills, abilities and other talents.

We believe that any special needs, abilities or talents should be identified as early as possible, and provision for them developed, as far as is practicable, during the child’s stay at the school.

The Student Support Department’s aim is to ensure that provision is in place for every student in the school that needs it.

Student Support Department Governing Principles

  • Each individual is valued for what he/she can draw from and contribute to the context of the classroom and the whole school.
  • Each student should reach his/her full potential.
  • All students have individual needs, Many different needs can be met within the normal classroom environment but the needs of some children cannot be met without additional support provisions.
  • Support is offered as an integral part of the school provision.
  • Differentiated instruction and curriculum is central to the school provision in order to allow as many individual needs as possible to be met.
  • Motivation, self-confidence and self-esteem are essential and therefore pro- moted, to maximize learning in students with special needs.
  • A positive attitude to work, high standards of behavior and a caring environ- ment that fosters respect for others, are the principles upon which we build the learning environment to allow all students to achieve their full potential.
  • The Student Support Department functions as a multidisciplinary team.
  • The Student Support Department strives to work with parents as partners.
  • The Student Support Department respects student confidentially .

The Five Areas of Student Support

  • Students that have English as an additional language: The EAL Programme.
  • Students with learning difficulties: The Learning Support Programme.
  • Students that are physically challenged.
  • Students with behavioral, social or emotional problems: The Guidance Programme.
  • Students that are highly able and/or have special talents: The H.A.T. Programme.